The Coil



The UQABC-ED TORO system enables MR imaging of X-uncles (23Na, 129Xe, 31P, 19F, 13C) for multiple parts of the human body. For Prostate, the UQABC-ED consists of Transmit only (TO) and Endorectal Receive only (RO) arrays to enhance the SNR, and reduce time through parallel imaging.


  • Tx quadrature polarization, single tuned to 23Na frequency.
  • Rx Endorectal dual tuned 23Na/1H, rigid design.
  • Split design for patient access.
  • Unshielded bird cage design that allows 1H imaging without removing the patient using BC.
  • Asymmetric designs that accommodates large subjects/patient sizes the maximum space in the Bore.
  • Supports UTE sequence for fast and low flip angle acquisition.
  • Supports acquisition of b-value (0, 12, 20, 30 s/cm2).
  • Friendly to PET acquisitions.
  • Coil can be adapted to acquire images in TORO mode, in conjunction with Rx phased arrays.
  • Easy workflow.
  • High homogeneity of B1 > 95%.
  • SNR equivalent to commercial MRI only 32 channel coils.
  • Available for 1.5T or 3T.



In-vivo sodium imaging of the prostate showing sodium in column a, T2- weighted 1H in column c, and corrected a & c in column b.
(Courtesy of Dr. Timothy Scholl, University of Western Ontario)


Map of measured tissue sodium concentration (units of mmol/L)over the prostate