Pediatric MRI can be challenging for care providers, patients and parents. This means physicians don't always get the scans they need to diagnose or guide treatment. The Ceresensa RF resonator and positioner system work by giving care providers high-quality scans in half the time. We first developed it for the Verio and it has in fact been used by a group studying neonatal auditory development. We have a special interest in that technology and we designed an entirely new approach to Neonatal MRI coils (Patent Pending) that would be compatible with the HiFI auditory. The coil was designed to integrate HiFi stimuli, infant protection and positioning/restraint in the MRI.

Superior Anatomical Scans

Anatomical Scan Using Ceresensa 32ch Head Resonator

AnatomicalMRIComparisonsmall OEM

Leading Signal-to-Noise for Pediatric Head Resonators

SNR Comparison of Ceresensa 32ch

SNRComparisonsmall OEM

Noise Correlation Matrix for Ceresensa 32ch

NoiseCorrelationMatrixsmall OEM

Leading Signal-to-Noise for Pediatric Head Resonators

Noise Amplification Comparison in 1D (G-Factor)

NoiseAmplification1Dsmall OEM

Noise Amplification Comparison in 2D (G-Factor)

NoiseAmplification2Dsmall OEM