Ceresensa has worked with MR technologists, child life experts, anesthesiologists, department managers, workflow experts, radiologists and others to develop a solution to the challenges of MR imaging for children.

Solution                                                                                     Combine multi-channel technology and intuitive industrial design with a deep understanding of workflow requirements and the human experience.

Goal                                                                                                   Make the MRI experience as easy and comfortable as possible for patients, families, and technologists, while producing accurate scans and significant cost benefits.



Ceresensa is more than innovative resonators. We have designed an efficient workflow that allows more children to be imaged in a shorter time with less cost. For children and parents the process is smooth, comfortable and fast. This reduces the need for sedation. For technologists and radiologists the system produces high-quality images in much less time.


Benefits of a Ceresensa Solution

  • Produces faster high-quality scans for total exam times of less than 30 minutes.
  • Reduces the need for sedation or general anesthetic, increasing safety and reducing the need to have a doctor or nurse present.
  • Helps parents feel more comfortable with the procedure.
  • Simplifies the process for technologists, significantly improving workflow.
  • Reduces overall time per case by 17-50%, increasing throughput.
  • Reduces waiting times for MR imaging.
  • Reduces costs associated with general anesthetic and sedation.